October Meeting

Carin Meier will talk about


Clojure.spec allows us to generate test data based on our specifications. But what about generating a clojure.spec program based off of data? With genetic programming, we’ll explore creating clojure.spec creatures that consume data for food. Then, we’ll breed, mutate, and evolve them until we have a perfect fitting spec for our data. Finally, we’ll take a step back and think about how clojure.spec gives us the ability to have our programs describe themselves and what that means to AI and self-repairing code.

September Meeting

We have Joe Smith, a developer from Cognitect, giving our first “remote” talk on

A Short, Painful Introduction to Function-Level Programming with J

August Meeting

Kat Tornwall will present:

Painless Test Driven Development with Elixir and Phoenix

Test driven development is a core part of our process at Gaslight, and for our first couple of Elixir applications, we struggled adjusting to writing tests in our Phoenix application after years of working with RSpec and Rails. Luckily, we’ve come up with several conventions, tips, and tricks to help developers write simple, easy to understand unit and feature tests. In this talk I’ll describe how we structure tests, test setup, and helper objects to make TDD as painless as possible. Specific topics I’ll cover are:

  • Naming conventions for organizing tests
  • Using factories and helpers to clean up your setup
  • Splitting tests into files to group them by context
  • Keeping your feature in order with page modules and Hound
  • Writing assertions to generate useful failure messages

July Meeting

Carin Meier will present:

Quest for the Ultimate Programming Knowledge

After programmer stays up too late watching conference talks in a row, something strange happens.  The YouTube channel starts showing a video about a developer on a quest to find the Magical Keyboard of Ultimate Programming Knowledge.  The quest will challenge them to cross the Relentless River of Social Media and make their way through the Impenetrable Forest of Academic Papers.  But new lands await to be discovered.  Lands where programs are made of colored glass and others where the programming models are made of spheres.  At the end of it, perhaps the key to the ultimate programming knowledge might even be found.

June Meeting

Kata night!  Bring your computer and we’ll do a kata in a functional language of your choice

May Meeting

Carin Meier is presenting:
Hyperdimensional Adventures with Word Vectors and Clojure
Join us for a exploration of curious nature of computing in hyperdimensions.   We’ll start off with a brief overview of what they are and their strange properties.  Then, we’ll use them to explore word comparisons.  Finally, with the help of a corpus of fairy tale books, we’ll construct word vectors that can measure the distance any two words and even perform reasoning about them.

April Meeting

Creighton Kirkendall

Introduction to Bayesian Inference and Statistical Learning

Come take a journey into the subject that led me to Clojure.  Whether it is spam filters, Siri or even self driving cars, statistical learning has changed the way we view and interact with the machines around us.  In this talk, we will look at the simple mathematics that makes up much of the practical AI you interact with every day.  We will walk through the basics and find out exactly what it takes to teach a computer the English language.