Writing Command Line Applications with Elixir

I’d love to check out and learn Elixir but I don’t really have a problem that is big enough or one that Elixir is well suited for.”

How many times have you heard this?

I have been writing small command line applications using Elixir to solve some of the same kind of problems that I used to use languages like Ruby or Python for in the past and I’m loving it!

Elixir and mix comes with great tools out of the box for writing these kind programs. Also Meta-programming, macros, protocols, pipes and pattern matching can be leveraged to break down problems into small readable and easy digest code.

Elixir is a very expressive language that is good at solving all manner of problems in an elegant way. That means even problems where concurrency, high availability and code reloading are not important or of less of a concern.

Yes Elixir is a powerful language but it is also fun and a great way to think about and express problems in a different way.

By the end of my talk I hope other people will feel the same way as I do about Elixir and go

forth and create programs to solve problems of any size.


James works at Gaslight and has I’ve been lucky enough to be a part the wonderful Cincinnati programming community for a number of years. He spends most of this days working on Ruby on Rails and Rich Client applications. He has more recently been learning functional programming and working with Elixir to solve both small and large problems.