Reactive Showdown – Clojure vs Elixir vs. Scala
We have an exciting CincyFP planned for April.  The first contender in the octagon is Elixir & OTP.  Built on the Erlang VM, Elixir has deep roots in the granddaddy of all actor systems.   The next contender in is Scala + Akka.  Scala’s actor system was model after Erlang’s and brings many of the same features to the Java JVM.   Our final contender is Clojure with core.async.  Based off the Go language’s async channels core.async provides a different construct than the standard actor model.   To test these three foes we will be breaking up into groups and implementing a simple Kata with each of the three technologies.  Come join the fun and learn about some very exciting technologies that are changing the way we think about large scale systems.