Math in programming for non-math nerds

by Ben Kyrlach

With the (re)advent of functional programming in the mainstream, a topic of much debate is the applicability of mathematical concepts in the programming world. And, with the prevalence of category theory graybeards, it can be a little daunting to try and break into this world of Functors, Monads, etc… As a non-math nerd myself, I’d like to share with you my learning experience as we explore this brave new world, and, if not explain the concepts to mathematical perfection, advance your understanding so that you can at least start to explore yourself.

About Ben:

Ben’s love of computers started at the age of 10, when he got a computer instead of a GameBoy for his birthday. When he’s not slinging Java code at work, he enjoys solving programming problems for fun, and playing with new languages (and ideas like functional programming). Ben’s latest language is Scala, which he’s been hacking with for the last 4 years. Ben is currently employed at Epsilon as a Sr. Software Engineer.

Twitter: @benkyrlach