March meeting

Jason Ozias on Rust:
Rust, it’s not just oxidized iron.
An introduction to the Rust programming language

February Meeting

Carin Meier will be presenting on the new programming language called Pixie

January Meeting

Adventures in Haskell

Creighton will be giving a starting with a brief Haskell tutorial and then will discuss adventures in writing a Lisp in Haskell.

December Meeting

Join us for an exciting holiday meeting with Idris .

The exciting part is we don’t know anything about the language other than it is supposed to be really great.

We will laugh and cry our way through trying to figure out how to solve katas together as a group.

Also, dinner is not provided – but feel free to bring a holiday snack to share :)


November Meeting

Datomic: the fully transactional, cloud-ready, immutable database. Jason Ozias presenting.

The meeting starts at 6:30 – Food is not usually provided, but feel free to bring you own.

October Meeting

Scott Barron from Github will be presenting


When print Is No Longer Sufficient: Debugging Production


Despite our best programming efforts, our unit tests, our staging environments, and all the load testing we totally do, sometimes production goes awry. Sometimes you just have to hop on the server and do it live. But how? You can’t just set some breakpoints and toss in some print statements like you would while developing on your shiny 25″ FruitBook XPS Pro. No, this is the Big Time. You’ll need a new tool kit and techniques for this kind of mess.

Let’s spend an evening together talking about production debugging techniques, the kinds of problems you might see, and things you can build into your software to make your life easier. I’ll show you how some of things are being done at a well known source code repository hosting machine. The examples will be in Go, but please feel free to mentally insert as many parenthesis as you’d like, or speak calming affirmations (in your head, please) about immutable state.

September Meeting

Warmup: Carin Meier on Programmer Joy

Featured speaker: Ben Kyrlach

Lenses and State: Using Functional Programming to solve Real World ™ problems.

In this presentation we’ll explore using concepts from functional programming to build dynamic binary parsers. We’ll learn how to use functional programming to implement object oriented programming best practices, and utilize the inherent composability of mathematical structures to implement a robust solution to a tough problem.

Ben Kyrlach is a software engineer at RacoWireless who has only recently began to appreciate the implications of applied mathematics in the field of computer science. When he’s not attempting to unlock the secrets of the universe, he’s probably playing video games or attempting to make music.



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