May Meeting

Ben Kyrlach will be talking on

How I learned to stop hating JavaScript, and love PureScript instead.

JavaScript and I have never been on the best of terms. Dynamic languages are challenging for me to adapt to, and even experienced JavaScript developers know that there are some things that can be improved. I thought JavaScript and I would stay estranged forever, but then someone introduced me to PureScript. PureScript is a statically typed language very similar to Haskell, but it compiles to JavaScript, and has excellent support for interfacing with the existing JavaScript ecosystem. Now I’m madly in love, and would like to share that love with everyone. :)

April Meeting

We have a special guest and location for this weeks meeting.

Farmlogs a midwest Clojure startup will be presenting.

Functional Farming

FarmLogs helps farmers use data about their fields to grow row crops more profitably.  This talk provides a brief intro to the national data sets we provide, including soil quality, crop history, and vegetative health.  We’ll also dig into the architecture and Clojure code we use to deliver field level data layers on demand, using tools such as PostGIS, RabbitMQ, and custom Clojure libraries.

The meeting will be held at Top Gun/Mason Tech Center and pizza will be provided.  Come a bit early for pizza and conversation.

March meeting

Jason Ozias on Rust:
Rust, it’s not just oxidized iron.
An introduction to the Rust programming language

February Meeting

Carin Meier will be presenting on the new programming language called Pixie

January Meeting

Adventures in Haskell

Creighton will be giving a starting with a brief Haskell tutorial and then will discuss adventures in writing a Lisp in Haskell.

December Meeting

Join us for an exciting holiday meeting with Idris .

The exciting part is we don’t know anything about the language other than it is supposed to be really great.

We will laugh and cry our way through trying to figure out how to solve katas together as a group.

Also, dinner is not provided – but feel free to bring a holiday snack to share :)


November Meeting

Datomic: the fully transactional, cloud-ready, immutable database. Jason Ozias presenting.

The meeting starts at 6:30 – Food is not usually provided, but feel free to bring you own.


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