January Meeting

Ben Kyrlach will be presenting:

Programming With Algebras

In this talk we’ll look at how to solve problems using functional programming by constructing algebras. Along the way we’ll learn about algebraic data types and maybe a little category theory.


December Meeting


November Meeting

Kata Night! – Find Your Match

On Tuesday we will exploring the world of pattern matching through the use of katas.  There will be a brief talk on the basics of patten matching, then we will divide up into small groups to try our hand at a specially chosen kata.  To finish up the meetup we will have each group present their findings/solution.  Please bring your laptop and your favorite functional language.

Here is the kata we will be using:



October Meeting

Ben Kyrlach will be presenting:

Lenses From First Principle

In this talk we’ll dive into lenses from a foundational perspective, morphing from traditional object oriented programming techniques to a functional programming methodology. We might even discover a few useful monads in the process.

September Meeting

Paul Henrich will be presenting:

A Profunctor is just a functor that…

Paul’s journey in trying to understand the humor in a comic:

August Meeting

Creighton Kirkendall will be presenting:

Mobile Development with ClojureScript and React Native
In this talk we will look at how React Native and ClojureScript combine to create a solid development experience for mobile apps.  You can expect to learn how development practices built up using ClojureScript and React in the browser can be translated over to create robust mobile apps.  While perfect for many apps not everything in this world is production ready.  We will also spend some time on where expectations and reality don’t always line up.

July Meeting

Mark Windholtz will be presenting:


Event Storming is a group design and planning approach. It is useful to get the “Big Picture” when starting a project or feature set and also works well for Retrospectives and even Detailed Design. The results of Event Storming can be used to plan your Story Mapping exercises.

Event Storming has the extra benefit of establishing a common language between Domain Experts and Developers. It creates a system design skeleton that is understandable and usable by a broad group of stake holders. A Domain Event is something that happened in the system that is interesting to a Domain Expert. For Example, “Item Added to Cart”, “End of Month Occurred”, and “Request Email Received”.

This presentation will:

  • Cover the structure and process of an EventStorming Workshop.
  • Introduce CQRS and DDD. CQRS and DDD are advanced architectures and design approaches. CQRS architecture is Command Query Response Separation. DDD is a co-operative design style of Domain Driven Design.

Each of these is powerful, but often difficult to explain. Separately or together they make building large complex systems more sustainable.

Event Storming is a breakthrough approach, because it provides a painless way to introduce DDD and CQRS without the buzz words.

June Meeting

Carin Meier will be presenting:

The Joy of Stochastic Gradient Descent

We’ll take a look at the joys of Deep Learning from its simple, elegant fundamentals to its feats of impressive power. Along the way, we’ll discuss how Deep Learning is changing how we approach programming, communicate with each other, and even what it means to be human.

May Meeting

James Smith will be presenting:

Demystifying Phoenix. Building a mental model of it’s moving pieces.

April Meeting

Ben Kyrlach will be presenting:

My take on Propositions as Types

The best way to learn something is to teach it. In this presentation, I’ll be explaining my take of Phillip Wadler’s famous “Propositions as Types” talk, with practical examples using PureScript. We’ll explore how to catch logic errors using nothing but the type system, and compare and contrast typical statically typed programs with programs using this understanding of types.