November Meeting

Carin Meier will talk on:

How to Train Your Computer to Talk To You

Every day brings a new story or movie about how the future will be ruled by Artificial Intelligence.  How far are we away from discovering Skynet anyway? This talk will take us on a mini adventure in AI and machine learning with Clojure.  We’ll take a look at something that is pretty easy for humans to do:  telling the difference between a question, statement, or an LOL in some chat text.   What seems deceptively easy, becomes a bit harder when you take away punctuation marks.   We’ll soon find ourselves on the twisty road of natural language processing, machine learning, and Clojure proto chat bots.

October Meeting

Creighton will be talking on:

Our Immutable World – A deep dive into persistent data structures.​

Have you ever wondered what a persistent data structure is or how it works?  Have you ever wondered why people use them?  In this talk we will take a close look at some of the most common persistent data structures and how the use of them affects how we code.


September Meeting

This month’s meeting will be a hack night with ClojureScript and Figwheel.  Bring your computer and get ready for fun.

August meeting

Carin Meier will be presenting:

Unconventional Programming with Chemical Computing

Take a step back from your normal programming approach and discover a new way of looking at problems.  All living organisms information systems are based on chemical processes.  What can we learn by using this metaphor of chemistry in our programming?  We will answer this question by looking at Artificial Chemical Computing.   Building programs based on molecules and chemical reactions,  we will explore new ways of thinking and opening ourselves up to innovation.  We will discuss the basics of Chemical Programming and even touch on High Order Chemical Programming as well.   Code examples will be in the powerful, elegant, and interactive programming language of Clojure, but you will not need to be an expert in the language to enjoy the demos.  Come and join us for this adventure in looking at the programming world from a different perspective.

July Meeting

Scala: Building a RESTful API with Slick and Spray – by Israel Tilk

Using Slick’s Functional Relational Mapping(FRM) to access a data store and build immutable objects, and exposing that data via a Spray REST API.

Israel Tilk has been coding for 15 years and currently works for Pinnacle Solutions Group. He spent the last year coding Scala for IHearMedia.  His adventures in functional programming started back in 2012 when he took the coursera course on Scala.  Like most of us he is still trying to figure out monads.

June meeting

“Embedded Haskell, part 1: EDSLs & Metaprogramming”
by Chris Hodapp
Haskell, along with most other functional languages, isn’t commonly seen from the perspective of embedded systems, but its use here is well-established. I will briefly discuss some current ways that Haskell is used in embedded systems, and I will demonstrate specific libraries and software that I use at my day job for this purpose. I will start with live-coding in one such system, Atom (, and if time permits, progress to another much more comprehensive system, Ivory (

May Meeting

Ben Kyrlach will be talking on

How I learned to stop hating JavaScript, and love PureScript instead.

JavaScript and I have never been on the best of terms. Dynamic languages are challenging for me to adapt to, and even experienced JavaScript developers know that there are some things that can be improved. I thought JavaScript and I would stay estranged forever, but then someone introduced me to PureScript. PureScript is a statically typed language very similar to Haskell, but it compiles to JavaScript, and has excellent support for interfacing with the existing JavaScript ecosystem. Now I’m madly in love, and would like to share that love with everyone. :)


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