October Meeting

Scott Barron from Github will be presenting


When print Is No Longer Sufficient: Debugging Production


Despite our best programming efforts, our unit tests, our staging environments, and all the load testing we totally do, sometimes production goes awry. Sometimes you just have to hop on the server and do it live. But how? You can’t just set some breakpoints and toss in some print statements like you would while developing on your shiny 25″ FruitBook XPS Pro. No, this is the Big Time. You’ll need a new tool kit and techniques for this kind of mess.

Let’s spend an evening together talking about production debugging techniques, the kinds of problems you might see, and things you can build into your software to make your life easier. I’ll show you how some of things are being done at a well known source code repository hosting machine. The examples will be in Go, but please feel free to mentally insert as many parenthesis as you’d like, or speak calming affirmations (in your head, please) about immutable state.

September Meeting

Warmup: Carin Meier on Programmer Joy

Featured speaker: Ben Kyrlach

Lenses and State: Using Functional Programming to solve Real World ™ problems.

In this presentation we’ll explore using concepts from functional programming to build dynamic binary parsers. We’ll learn how to use functional programming to implement object oriented programming best practices, and utilize the inherent composability of mathematical structures to implement a robust solution to a tough problem.

Ben Kyrlach is a software engineer at RacoWireless who has only recently began to appreciate the implications of applied mathematics in the field of computer science. When he’s not attempting to unlock the secrets of the universe, he’s probably playing video games or attempting to make music.


August meeting

Encryption: A Functional Perspective

by Jason Ozias

A brief overview of what encryption is (and isn’t), going through some of the details of the main types (block and stream), and stepping through a few implementations in Clojure.

The meeting starts at 6:30 with food beforehand this month.


July Meeting

Doug Rohrer – Elixir and the Internet of Things

June Meeting

Writing Command Line Applications with Elixir

I’d love to check out and learn Elixir but I don’t really have a problem that is big enough or one that Elixir is well suited for.”

How many times have you heard this?

I have been writing small command line applications using Elixir to solve some of the same kind of problems that I used to use languages like Ruby or Python for in the past and I’m loving it!

Elixir and mix comes with great tools out of the box for writing these kind programs. Also Meta-programming, macros, protocols, pipes and pattern matching can be leveraged to break down problems into small readable and easy digest code.

Elixir is a very expressive language that is good at solving all manner of problems in an elegant way. That means even problems where concurrency, high availability and code reloading are not important or of less of a concern.

Yes Elixir is a powerful language but it is also fun and a great way to think about and express problems in a different way.

By the end of my talk I hope other people will feel the same way as I do about Elixir and go

forth and create programs to solve problems of any size.


James works at Gaslight and has I’ve been lucky enough to be a part the wonderful Cincinnati programming community for a number of years. He spends most of this days working on Ruby on Rails and Rich Client applications. He has more recently been learning functional programming and working with Elixir to solve both small and large problems.

May Meeting

Overtone & Dancing Robots

This special edition of CincyFP will showcase Overtone, a Clojure library for live coding musics.

Carin Meier  will give a short demo of robots dancing into live coded Clojure Music then Tom Willis will follow up with a deep dive into Overtone:

Overtone is a really cool environment for making music with clojure. Most examples I have seen focus more on the aspects of live performance where as I wondered how one could use it as an environment for composing music. Being new to clojure, and a part time musician I decided to see how far I could get using clojure/overtone to write songs.






April Meeting

Reactive Showdown – Clojure vs Elixir vs. Scala
We have an exciting CincyFP planned for April.  The first contender in the octagon is Elixir & OTP.  Built on the Erlang VM, Elixir has deep roots in the granddaddy of all actor systems.   The next contender in is Scala + Akka.  Scala’s actor system was model after Erlang’s and brings many of the same features to the Java JVM.   Our final contender is Clojure with core.async.  Based off the Go language’s async channels core.async provides a different construct than the standard actor model.   To test these three foes we will be breaking up into groups and implementing a simple Kata with each of the three technologies.  Come join the fun and learn about some very exciting technologies that are changing the way we think about large scale systems.

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